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Featuring expert guests, inspiring personal stories and new insights about heart and brain health, The Beat bridges cutting-edge science with the realities of living with heart disease or stroke. Hosted by Caroline Lavallée, someone who understands the experience of heart disease firsthand, The Beat podcast is for everyone who is living with these conditions, is caring for someone who is, or is simply on a journey to better health. In Canada, it’s not a matter of if but when heart disease and stroke will touch our lives. It may surprise you that every five minutes, somebody dies from these conditions. Plus, heart attacks, cardiac arrests and stroke often strike without warning—changing our lives in an instant. Heart & Stroke is Canada’s go-to resource for information about heart disease and stroke, and the world-renowned researchers and innovative treatments that are helping us fight these conditions. There’s never been a more exciting time for the intersection of modern science, health and human connection. Subscribe to The Beat to stay informed, get inspired and rediscover hope.
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The Beat by Heart & Stroke

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