The Unshakeables

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Introducing The Unshakeables, a new podcast from Chase for Business and iHeartMedia's Ruby Studio.  Small businesses are the heart and soul of this country, but it takes a brave individual to start and run a company of their own.  From mom-and-pop coffee shops to auto-detailing garages -- no matter the type of industry you’re in, every small business owner knows that the journey is full of the unexpected.  A single moment may even change the course of your business forever.  Those who stand firm in their resolve have a special name, we call them - The Unshakeables.  These are their stories.


Join Ben Walter, CEO of Chase for Business, and Tanya Nebo, a lawyer and business consultant, as they share stories of real small business owners across America who’ve gone through some of the most unexpected situations anyone can face and walked away stronger for it.  These aren’t stories about the darlings of Silicon Valley or titans of Wall Street -- these are real stories from the real people behind the small companies that power their communities every day. 


The speakers’ opinions belong to them and may differ from opinions of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co and its affiliates. Views presented on this podcast are those of the speakers; they are as of [January 8, 2024] and they may not materialize.

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The Unshakeables

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