The Future of Nursing

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The United States has some of the poorest health outcomes. Health disparities run deep, leaving many people without equal opportunity or access to care. As long-time advocates for health equity, nurses are in unique positions to address the root causes of poor health, reduce health disparities, and improve the health and well-being of the nation. In this 8-part series from the National Academy of Medicine, we explore practical strategies for the nursing profession to advance health equity. We’ll hear stories and experiences of frontline nurses and other health experts from a wide range of settings. These strategies reflect the recommendations from the report The Future of Nursing 2020-2030: Charting a Path to Achieve Health Equity. If you’re a nurse, involved in any health sector, or want to know how to create a better future for all Americans through improved health outcomes, this podcast is for you.
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The Future of Nursing

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