Passive Income Brothers

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Dive into the world of smart passive income with Tim and Greg Lyons on "The Passive Income Brothers" podcast. As real-life brothers, and the brains behind Cityside Capital, they unravel the intricacies of passive real estate investments, leveraging 1031 exchange solutions to magnify revenue, and exploring alternative investment avenues. 

They go deep in discussion with top-tier entrepreneurs in real estate syndication who provide a wealth of knowledge on various investment strategies, including multifamily properties, self-storage investments, and industrial triple net leases (NNN).  

This show is perfect for you if you are looking to optimize your income and tax situation through intelligent passive investing.

"The Passive Income Brothers" is not merely a podcast; it's a journey toward achieving financial autonomy in your life. Tim and Greg guide you through the complexities of investing, offering a blend of practical advice and insightful experiences. 

The podcast illuminates the path of creating a robust passive income stream, ensuring you're well-versed with the art of leveraging and the science of 1031 Exchange. With each episode, prepare to transform your approach to income and investment, making every listen a step closer to your financial aspirations.

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Passive Income Brothers

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