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Life Effects is a podcast about patients’ experiences and the factors that shape them, now and in the future. In Season 2, host Sara Ivry brings patients and experts together for inspiring and informative conversations about health conditions and trends. Together, they look at what patients are experiencing now and map out what the future might hold. The individual(s) who have written and created the content in and whose images appear in the articles, profiles, podcasts and videos from the Life Effects program may have been paid by Teva Pharmaceuticals for their contributions. This content represents the opinions of the contributor and does not necessarily reflect those of Teva Pharmaceuticals. Similarly, Teva Pharmaceuticals does not review, control, influence or endorse any content related to the contributor's websites or social media networks. All content on the Life Effects website is intended for informational and educational purposes and should not be considered medical advice or recommendations. Consult a qualified medical professional for diagnosis and before beginning or changing any treatment regimen​.
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