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In GPs Talk Cancer, Dr Rebecca Leon and Dr Sarah Taylor take a coffee break to share their clinical experiences and knowledge of diagnosing cancer in primary care. With warmth, wit and a passion for earlier and faster cancer diagnosis, they discuss how they assess patients, and the decisions and referral pathways they choose to get the best diagnosis and treatment. They also share relevant statistics. 

Each episode Rebecca and Sarah are joined by junior doctor colleague Dr Ellen Macpherson, or by a special guest, to focus on a particular cancer. Rebecca and Sarah are both GP Leads for GatewayC and passionate about improving early cancer diagnosis. 

GPs Talk Cancer is brought to you by GatewayC, an organisation dedicated to providing information which can help you diagnose cancer. Whilst this podcast may be of interest to everyone, it is aimed at primary care health professionals. Although all patient cases are based on real stories from the presenters’ clinical practice as GPs, they are fully anonymised with no identifiable patient data.

GPs Talk Cancer is released fortnightly on Tuesdays. Visit to learn more about GatewayC.

GatewayC is funded by the NHS and is part of The Christie NHS Foundation Trust.

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GPs Talk Cancer

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