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After the devastation of a forest fire, the first plant to grow back is fireweed. A vibrant wildflower from the Pacific Northwest, it symbolizes hope, resilience, and adaptability -- things we could all use a little more of right now. Because the clock is ticking on big issues like climate change, social justice, accessibility, and cybersecurity. Not to mention the fact that we’re trying to recover from a global pandemic.

Adaptability is now seen as a critical skill by leading employers across the country. But the trick is: we need to adapt in the right ways. Ways that will help us move forward, together. That’s why this diverse and inter-generational podcast, brought to you by BCIT, tells stories that embody the never-ending human potential to adapt to change. Hosted by BCIT alumna Maria Vinca, the show features guests from in and around the Cascadia Innovation Corridor, interviewing academics and industry leaders, people from business and tech who are working to create resilient systems – all built to handle change.

Meet people with vastly different experiences who have demonstrated their ability to grow and adapt to whatever challenges life throws at them, and -- like the fireweed -- come back stronger than ever. 

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