Everything is Personal: Career Pathways in UAE

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Navigate the ups and downs of successful tech professionals with “Everything is Personal”, a conversational podcast presented by Fortis and hosted by Victoria Belousova, Fortis' Chief HR Officer.   Every week, Victoria sits down with a new guest who shares their unique career journey, offering insights and sharing stories of setbacks, game-changing decisions, and lucky breaks that made them what they are now.  Whether you're an aspiring tech professional or a seasoned industry veteran, each episode of "Everything is Personal" provides valuable lessons and actionable advice to help you chart your own course to success. Presented by Fortis https://fortis.world/career/, this is your dose of career inspiration and guidance. Tune in every week and join us as we explore the personal side of professional success. In the world of tech, everything truly is personal. Production by Hatch Up podcast studio https://hatchupstudio.com/  Hosted by Ausha. See ausha.co/privacy-policy for more information.
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Everything is Personal: Career Pathways in UAE

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