Crossing the Desert: how businesses are setting and growing in the Emirates

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This is the first reality podcast about business in the UAE. You're about to discover the journey of an enterprising individual who unexpectedly found himself in Dubai and is now striving to establish his roots here. Prepare for dozens of incredible stories! You'll gain insight into what entrepreneurs discuss when they close their store doors. And what secrets are kept within the archives of the Emirati libraries?


In each episode:

Isaac, the host of the podcast, is attempting to establish his own business and settle in Dubai. His story will unfold before your eyes — he himself doesn't know where it will lead.

To find his place, Isaac will learn the stories of other entrepreneurs: spice and oil traders, craftsmen who create comfort and beauty through food, entertainment, art, and design. He will talk to those who contribute daily to the social fabric of the Emirates.

You will experience everything that Isaac hears on his journey: clatter of shopping carts, shouts of vendors at the bazaar, singing of birds, and, of course, 1001 stories of Emirati entrepreneurs. In these tales, embroidery machines hum, Caribbean spices unveil their flavors, and the attire of Danish kings inspire what you might want to wear tomorrow.

In search of answers, Isaac will delve into the history of the Emirates. He will uncover stories of wise teachers, brave seekers, and staunch leaders. You will be able to learn about the Emirates from information only found in the far reaches of the archives.



Podcast is hosted by Fortis: a company that assists entrepreneurs in starting their businesses, boosting sales, and building relationships with their customers. 

Production by Hatch Up podcast studio:


Ambitious dreamers flock to the Emirates to offer the best of what they have — their ideas, their experience, their hard work — and gradually, they change the world. In our podcast, you'll discover how they conduct their business and what drives them. We are grateful to our heroes — all those who welcomed us into their lives, if only for a few hours.

To record this podcast, we ventured into houses tucked away beneath tree canopies and into industrial zones, secluded from the world by towering fences. We listened to the multilingual chatter in Deira's bazaars, meandered through Satwa's maze of workshops, and captured the cries of seagulls in Jebel. We savored labneh cakes and soaked up the sun on Kite Beach. Everywhere we went, we encountered remarkable, enterprising individuals from all corners of the globe: India, Pakistan, Palestine, Egypt, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and Russia.

Even though we all speak different languages, we always manage to find a common one.

This story is just beginning — it's hard to imagine what else we have to discover, who we'll encounter along the way. We hope that you'll journey with us on this path.

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Crossing the Desert: how businesses are setting and growing in the Emirates

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