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HSBC proudly presents “Beyond the Frame” a look behind the bigger picture of some of the world’s most important Impressionist art. In this season we’re looking at the rebellion of the French Impressionists – it wasn’t all dreamy brushwork, but a movement that was rife with bravery, breaking stereotypes and smashing perceptions.  

Across this series we go back 150 years to discover some of the surprising stories behind 6 iconic impressionist artworks, -- one painting per episode.  Warning: this isn’t your usual art history series. You’d expect we’d do a podcast with a gallery representative, a curator, a professor in art. You’d expect. But on Beyond the Frame, we are moving past that into the artwork itself to give you a better impression of the work of these famed French artists. We're lucky enough to be joined by some of the most famous subjects in art history - Boot from Mary Ellen in a White Coat by Mary Cassatt, the Road in Turn in the Road by Paul Cezanne -- hear from the artworks themselves! 

If you like what you hear in your “Beyond the Frame” experience, see these renowned artworks for yourself in the National Gallery of Victoria’s exhibition French Impressionism from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, proudly supported by HSBC. Open now until October 3. For tickets visit

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Beyond the Frame

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